Arran Gregory
Start Again
'Am I the Only One Here?'  2014 1600 x 1100 x 1000 cm.  Chromed Metal & Steel wire.
Geowolf balaclava 
Thelonius Monk for Laurie Lynch a few years ago.
MILKY WAY.  2014. indian ink on A4 printer paper
Dionysos, Light projection onto paper. 70 x 50cm. 2014
Wolf Mind frame II.  Minneapolis. 2013 
Wavey Square. 2014.
Ink on paper.35 x 35cm
I documented my travels through Sri Lanka by making this tumblr of animated 
Please do not touch. 2012.
Luke wears the Miami Short sleeve shirt for the Prsdnts club lookbook shot by Mehdi Lacoste.
Blanche shot by Mehdi Lacoste for the Prsdnts Club Collection One Lookbook 2014.